selfieI am drawn to and obsessed with colours and textures, and how they affect and influence one another. Digital illustration provides me with the ability to start with something very personal — a photo of a much loved pet, for example — and from there add unexpected and unusual elements to create something that feels entirely new yet very familiar.

Do you remember when you were a kid in school, and the teacher gave you some tissue paper and glue and asked you to paste one piece on top of another (really quickly, because they dried so fast) until finally you had a beautiful collage? Every transparent color showed through to the next. That’s what I do more or less, but with the help of a computer. I often use hundreds of those “little pieces of tissue” (i.e., layers) to create the effect I am looking for.

The first subjects for my work have been (mostly) pets – I love animals, and I find it especially pleasing to capture a balance between a dog or cat’s actual appearance and the feelings or impressions they inspire in me. 

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