pet portraits

Custom portraits of your pets

It all starts with a photo of a much loved pet.
Using your images as a reference, I create a portrait with a colorful background.

How to commission a Custom Pet Portrait:

  • Take a look at some of my sample pet portraits framed (small, medium and large frames). They will give you an idea of the price and size of the portraits I usually create. I can also mail the print unframed (in that case the price would be adjusted).
  • Next, email me and let me know what size of portrait you would like and include with few photos of your pet. I’ll email you back right away and let you know which photo I have chosen along with any ideas I may have, as well as the price. Generally, the clearer the photo, the better the portrait, so it helps, if possible, to set your camera or smartphone camera to a large-format setting.
  • My portraits take about two weeks to complete. A few proofs will be sent to you for your approval. Framed portraits must be picked up, but prints can be delivered by mail.
  • When you are completely satisfied, payment can be made by email or mail.

Thank you,

Heather Hugginson